Doing Good Tech Things ♥ Valentine’s Day Edition

Digital maturity

The 2018 Digital Outlook Report from NTEN, Care2, hjc & Resource Alliance notes that nonprofits have moved from digital adoption to digital maturation.

What tech volunteering can do

Interactive Tool for Visualizing LA Homelessness Data

Without consistent data it was impossible to make a “visualization that is representative to any sort of truth. — Paul Beeman, Data Analyst, LA County

Tech volunteering — many models

CIVIC: School of Data, Hack for LA & Code for America. + LA Open Data
PRO BONO TECH: DataKind, Philosophie’s Product for Good, Ovio Hub
PRO BONO: Taproot, Catchafire
CORPORATE: Salesforce 1–1–1
Internships & 1-off hackathons

– expertise varies

If you want to contribute your Ruby on Rails or Drupal expertise, opportunities might not abound but some do exist and new initiatives are underway. Taproot+ has offered thousands of projects, maybe 10% web development, slightly fewer are web design, a good percentage of both are WordPress (mobile is barely on the map).

“Having limited resources for a project doesn’t mean you can’t produce something amazing. Sometimes having limited resources can foster creative solutions.” — Jenn de la Fuente, WordPress developer, Rosebud Designs

Why developers?

“It’s actually quite inherent to the DNA of a developer to look at the world around us, to see some sort of intractable problem, and then try to find a solution to it using code and software.” Admas Kanyagia, Director of Social Impact, GitHub

Are you volunteering? Tell me what that looks like!

Developers at the Ruby on Rails meetup are mentoring, a lot. They want to do code reviews — where are those happening?

Some of my faves

Annenberg Alchemy Tech — In-depth nonprofit technology capacity building. A 6-month SoCal program for nonprofits to strengthen their knowledge of technology best practices and move forward on a specific technology project.

Let’s change the world with technology!

You can find me, Karen, on LinkedIn, looking for my next gig, at LATech4Good or volunteering as a product strategist.



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Karen Borchgrevink

Karen Borchgrevink

Social impact activist. Executive Director, LA Tech4Good